March for the Ocean (M4O)

March for the Ocean is about the survival of our blue planet.  But it’s also about the fact that it’s not too late to turn the tide - restore and protect what we love.

March for the Ocean - for water - for our future and say NO to offshore oil testing, leasing, drilling and spilling; YES to Corporate Accountability for plastic pollutionNO to plastic and other forms of Ocean pollution; YES to protecting our coastal communities; and YES to a Healthy Ocean and Clean Water for All. MARCH FOR THE OCEAN in Washington DC will be the first plastic-free march - thanks to M4O partners, WeTap and Parley for the Oceans!

 On Saturday, June 9, 2018, join the March for the Ocean in Washington D.C., join one of many simultaneous marches, flotillas, and water celebrations across the country and Wear Blue for the Ocean!

The Ocean is Rising and so are WE!

June 08.

For those of you in D.C., March for the Ocean and Earth Conservation Corps will be sponsoring a sign making party 4pm on June 8th at The Matthew Henson Earth Conservation Center located directly next to the DC United Stadium and by the Anacostia River on 2000 Half Street SW. This will be a great opportunity to meet other activists and supporters in the area and get together to make fun and impactful designs, also to Welcome M4O paddler Margo Pellegrino who will be arriving in her outrigger canoe from where she launched in Atlantic City NJ on May 19. If you cannot attend, check out our toolkit page and download M4O posters or design your own

8:30 PM - Ocean Films Under the Stars.  

March for the Ocean and The International Ocean Film Festival will be showing fun and inspiring ocean films at our stage area by the NW corner of the Washington Monument Grounds near 17th & Constitution.  BYOP - Bring Your Own Popcorn.



June 09.

8 AM - Paddle on the Anacostia River to welcome M4O & highlight how water connects every place to the Ocean. Every country is Ocean Country.

11 AM - Gather at the NW corner of the Washington Monument Grounds by 17th St. & Constitution Ave. (Closest Metro Station: Smithsonian/National Mall ) Look for the giant blue whale & smaller pod of whales.  

11:30-Noon Special guest musician performance.

NOON - March past the White House and around Lafayette Square before returning to staging area (60-90 minute walk or approximately 1.5 mile loop).  Wear comfortable walking shoes, blue clothing (Wear Blue for the Ocean), a shade cap, ocean-safe sunblock and carry a canteen - this will be a plastic free march.  

June 09.

For those of you marching, march back down the route to clean up. We hope everyone will reduce, reuse, and recycle but sometimes trash makes its way to the ground. Help us ensure March for the Ocean prevents plastics and garbage from entering our waterways and ocean!

1:30 - 3:30 PM - Main Stage - Join with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau, Carl Safina, Danni Washington and many other ocean and water champions including artists and musicians to celebrate our blue world and say NO to Offshore Drilling, NO to Plastic pollution NO to rising seas and climate disasters and YES to job-generating renewable energy, YES to corporate accountability to reduce waste and YES to living protective shorelines a healthy ocean and clean water for all! 

Over 165 partners are mobilizing a broad and diverse constituency to #WearBlue and #MarchForTheOcean on June 9th, promoting ocean solutions for the problems that threaten our blue planet. A growing chorus of supporters including environmentalists, scientists, surfers, divers, students, parents, teachers, celebrities, fishermen, social justice advocates, small businesses, major aquariums, deep-sea explorers and citizen activists - everyone who gets so much from the ocean, lakes and rivers - is mobilizing to give something back!

Contribute to building this blue wave. Celebrate and protect all that our waters - salty, brackish and fresh - provide us. Join the hundreds of organizations and notable advocates who will March for The Ocean June 9!  

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, join the March for the Ocean in Washington D.C. or join one of many simultaneous marches, flotillas, and water celebrations across the country!

Sister marches are organizing in Chicago, Tampa, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Montana, New York, Utah, Hawaii and abroad in the Bahamas, London, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro and more... Interested in organizing in a city near you? 



We’re excited to announce our new t-shirts are ready! Check them out! Thank you to our partner @Bonfire for inspiring us. Turn the tide today!

  Turn the tide today!   Show your love of the ocean by wearing  blue for the ocean! 

Turn the tide today! Show your love of the ocean by wearing blue for the ocean! 


Organizations Involved

350.ORG  · 5 Gyres · American Littoral Society · American University Center for Environmental Filmmaking · Aquarium of the Bay · B.E.A.C.H. · The Big Blue & You · Bill McKibben · Blue Frontier Campaign · Blue Mind · Blue Ocean Network · Brave Heart Society · Center for the Blue Economy · Clean Ocean Action · Climate Reality · Colorado Ocean Coalition · Coral Restoration Foundation CRESLI · Divers Alert Network (DAN) · Earth Guardians · Environmental Defense Fund · Future Frogmen · Green Fire Productions · Greenpeace · Hands across the Sand · Ocean Frontiers · Heal the Bay · Healthy Oceans Coalition · Heirs to Our Oceans · Herbert W. Hoover Foundation · Inland Ocean Coalition · International Ocean Film Festival · Jean Michel-Cousteau · Jim Toomey · Littoral Society · Mission Blue · National Aquarium · National Wildlife Federation · Native Organizers Alliance · Natural Resources Defense Council · Oceana · Ocean Conservation Research · Ocean Conservancy · Ocean Future Society · Ocean River Institute · Ocean Voyages Institute · Ocean River Institute · One World One Ocean · O'Neill Sea Odyssey · One More Generation · One World One Ocean · PADI · Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations · Pangeaseed Foundation · Plastic Pollution Coalition · Primary Water Resources · Project Aware · The Safina Center · Sea Shepherd · Sea Turtles Forever - Blue Wave Microplastic Recovery · Sea Youth · Sierra Club · Surfrider Foundation · Sustainable Oceans Alliance · Stop Offshore Drilling · Students for the Salish Sea · Sylvia Earle Alliance · TerraMar Project · Waterkeeper Alliance · Wingspan Media · Women Working for Oceans ·  World Wildlife Fund · Wyland Foundation · Youth Ocean Conservation Summit · And many more! You can see our full list here!

Would you like your organization to be involved?  Email us here


On Saturday June 9, 2018, World Oceans Day weekend and the beginning of the 2018 hurricane season, the March for the Ocean (M4O) campaign will mount mass marches, flotillas and rallies in our nation’s capital and around the country. People will be mobilizing to stop reckless offshore oil drilling being pursued by the Trump administration and to promote job-generating clean energy, to call for large-scale reduction in plastic waste that is killing ocean wildlife and to promote protection and restoration of our coastlines in the face of rising seas and intensified hurricanes like last year’s Harvey, Irma and Maria.