Every community has the power to protect our local waterways,

lakes and rivers that lead to the Ocean.


June 9th, 2018 was a day to Wear Blue and March for the Ocean. Thousands took action to show the government and polluting industries that we stand united to protect the waters that give us all life. We voted for the ocean! We marched to put an end to the petrochemical, plastic and other polluted runoff that is poisoning our drinking water and coastal seas and putting our health and economies at risk; we marched for clean energy - for economic, job-generating safe alternatives to offshore oil drilling and spilling; we marched for neighborhoods and communities endangered by rising seas, intensified hurricanes, historic flooding and other calamities exacerbated by carbon and other greenhouse gas pollutants. We marched in support of science that is funded, respected and uncensored and common sense solutions for our and future generations.
Together, we can build a healthy Blue Planet based on equity, justice and clean water for all. Join us in 2019!



Protect what you love. Rise with March for the Ocean to defend our coasts and ocean.

From seagulls to sea lions and everything in between, we depend on a healthy and resilient ocean. Will you march with us in 2019?




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Did you hear the news? Get in motion, march for the ocean!

March for the Ocean and 200+ partners joined forces on World Oceans Day weekend Saturday June 9th, 2018 to celebrate our ocean in our nation’s capital. Dive in and learn how you can support our movement.




start a sea change today! Together we are as big as an ocean!

Each year, more than 8 million metric tons of plastics ends up in the ocean. Are you ready to turn the tide today? Become an M4O champion in 2019 & march to stop offshore drilling, to demand corporate accountability for plastic pollution and funding to protect vulnerable coastal communities.




Guest David Helvarg joins Thom and talks about whether we are close to the 6th extinction of humankind.